Our Values and Principles That Drive Our Actions

As Members of Isaac’s Band of Brothers and Sisters Inc, we will:

  • establish and maintain a personal relationship with Isaac
  • learn how to communicate with Isaac and support him to make decisions
  • acknowledge that all people have the capacity for self determination.
  • assist Isaac to make decisions and his wants and needs known
  • demonstrate regard for Isaac’s safety, comfort, and dignity, with consistent respect for his needs, wishes, interests, and strengths when planning and making decisions
  • act as sponsors to the community, ensuring Isaac participates in community activities with members of Isaac’s Band of Brothers and Sisters Inc (e.g. family functions, social events).
  • ensure Isaac has the opportunity to both receive from and give to his/her community, as well as with other individuals in his network.
  • conduct our business in the spirit of mutual respect, cooperation, and collaboration.
  • have collective and emergent ways of working. We listen, learn, consult and think before responding.
  • ensure that everyone’s voice is heard
  • not limit our own or others’ beliefs because we minimise the risk of doing harm when we have high expectations.
  • assume the best of people, and presume competence in all people.
  • value all people