The Good Life Newsletter November 2014

Christmas Edition

Save the Date for Isaac’s Christmas Party  Sunday  14th December 12:00- 3pm  (Lunch) at Isaac’s House

xmas cracker

Isaac will be hosting the best Christmas Party you have ever been to so make sure you put it in your calendar!

There will be:

  • live music
  • Red & Green theme with fancy dress prize
  • Santa
  • fabulous food
  • lots of fun.

At Isaacs home – 14 Saville Close Melba

Transition visits to Melba Copland

Isaac has been for several visits to Melba Copland where he has par ticipated in some of the classes and met some of his teachers and fellow students.

He already seems to know the way around which is a good sign. Sheree met some other mums at the P&C meeting and found them very welcoming. She has also been to visit the Principal, his teacher, the executive teacher for learning support and the deputy principal to work out what success will look like. She is hoping to meet with the school counsellor and some Year 11 or 12 students to help kick of forming new social relationships.

Rapid Prompting Workshop

Sheree attended a three day workshop in Sydney recently on teaching people with autism academic skills, maths, reading and writing using Rapid Prompting Method. It was really amazing to see people with quite severe autism spelling, reading words and indicating that they had indeed understood what was being said to them. Sheree has bought the book and is reading and practicing so she can look at using it with Isaac.

rapid prompting

Musical Connections

We are still keen to find a band that rehearses at the same time and place where Iaac could go and and just hang out with the band members and listen. Also keen to find some great music venues that he and his friends could go to hang out. He enjoyed the George Harcourt Inn last week.


Isaac’s Band of Brothers and Sisters One Step closer to incorporating

Isaacs and his circle of friends have decided to incorporate and will be known as Isaac’s Band of Brothers and Sisters. Incorporating will mean that we will have a bit more sustainability and cudos amongst funding agencies.

Lucy has kindly taken care of the incorporation paperwork which she will soon submit. Very exciting. We could do with another couple of members so if you would like to join us in working out ways to give Isaac a good life, Contact Sheree. Sheree & Lucy with the incorporation paper work.

We are off to WA for a Holiday and need a support person for Isaac

From February 28 to March 13 next year Isaac, David and Sheree are off to Western Australia – part of this will be Sheree and David’s honeymoon in Busselton. We are looking at spending some time with some other folks in Perth from Youniverse – who do some great work around building natural

Isaac’s Band of Brothers and Sisters meeting at the George

supports for people with disability and building inclusive lives.

We are hoping to find a support worker to join us for the trip. Here is our itinerary:

  • 28 February Arrive Perth
  • 3 nights accommodation in Perth – explore Perth.
  • 3 March arrive Mandurah & drop Isaac and carer at Mandurah holiday park – other families from WA to join Isaac and carer for 7 days of fun by the sea.
  • 5 March Sheree and David go to Busselton
  • 12 March Pick up Isaac from Mandurah – 1 night’s accommodation Perth
  • 13 March fly home.

We will pay airfares and accommodation in exchange for sharing the care of Isaac. You don’t need to be trained or work for an agency. We manage the risk by choosing a person that we and Isaac knows and trusts and who has experience in taking care of him – the same as anyone would do if they were taking someone else’s child on a holiday with them. So if you are keen let Sheree know.

Need your mail collected or your cat fed?

Don’t forget that Isaac likes to help collect mail and feed cats when people are away on holidays, so if you would like to have him come over and do that for you let Sheree know.

Need your car washed?

We still have some car wash vouchers if you would like to take Isaac out for a car wash – he really enjoys going for a drive and you get to have a free car wash!

Giving Back Housing Project

As you may know, our family and two other families are working together on an innovative housing project for our sons. We want each of them to have their own house and live in an ordinary community where they are well connected, belong and have something to give back to the community. Not separated in a congregated group home.

We are trying to work out a financial model that might allow our kids to own their own houses. We me with someone from the Dept of Human Services last week to talk about Disability Trust Accounts.

Sheree and David have been talking with a financial advisor too. It’s very complex but there is some hope that it might actually be possible.

Things we need help with

  • Finding a fellow Melba Copland college student with a driver’s licence that can take Isaac to school next year.
  • Finding a place where the same people gather regularly to enjoy music where Isaac could come along and enjoy it too with his friends and also make new friends.
  • Send any videos or pictures you have of Isaac using his PODD to Sheree and I will share them on You Tube to help teach others how to model using his PODD.
  • Someone who would like to join us for our WA trip and support Isaac.
  • A band that might like to play at Isaac’s Christmas Part
  • We could do with another couple of members for Isaac’s Band of Brothers and Sisters Inc so if you would like to join us in working out ways to give Isaac a good life, Contact Sheree – 0407305739.


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