House Mates

Isaac is a 21 year old young man who lives in Canberra.

Isaac has a complex disability but his goal is to live in his own home where he can be king of his own castle, free to be himself and have spaces that nourish him, keep away stress, and provide him opportunities both for privacy and for socialising with family and friends.   Just like any other 21 year old. So Isaac is on the hunt for some housemates to share his sanctuary with him.

His current family home is perfect so he’s decided to kick his mum and dad out and be his own man.

Isaac’s house is a 4 bedroom home in Melba in West Belconnen.  It’s a very pretty suburb with leafy trees and lovely views.

The house has lots of space to hang out in and entertain guests.  It has a huge undercover deck out the back with tree top and mountain views.

His housemates will play a vital role in helping Isaac to live a good life that is typical of a 21 year old.   You will also be crucial to ensuring he feels safe and loved.

You will have shared interests with Isaac – particularly around his love of live music. He loves to travel to new places and see new things. He has some great friends that he hangs out with from time to time. He also loves the atmosphere at the footy too. Go Raiders!

Isaac has his own delivery business called Isaac Delivers

He also has a microboard called Isaac’s Band of Brothers & Sisters Incorporated. A microboard is a group of people who help him plan and build a good life.

We believe Isaac deserves the best because in life he can often be put last by others because of his disability. We use a person centred planning approach ensuring everything we do is around Isaac’s needs and wishes.  We also believe that he has the capacity to learn to be in charge of his own life so we are supporting him to make his own decisions.  We also believe in reciprocal relationships – where we all give and receive from each other and that includes Isaac too. He has lots to give to people.

We believe in tapping into the talents of our employees and crafting the role to suit them and Isaac.

Housemates will be part of a team of Isaac’s supports collaborating with each other and his microboard to build a good life for Isaac.

Your role will include providing some personal care, ensuring Isaac eats healthily, support him to learn household chores, monitor his health and wellbeing. But most importantly it will be to help him to build and strengthen friendships.

You might do that by keeping chickens and sharing the eggs, growing vegetables, setting up a street library or any other creative ideas of your own.

You need to have some shared interests with Isaac and be connected to groups in the community around these interests.  Groups like Fitness nuts, car clubs, the Canberra music scene, indigenous or other cultural groups, and the farming community – Isaac loves big farm equipment.

You will be a people person.  You’ll be good at making great personal connections. You will be respectful of others and be good at including people.  You will be good at organising social events.

You will want to learn. You will be good at coming up with creative solutions to problems.  You can come up with your own plans and not need a lot of direction.  You will be curious and keen to try new adventures.

You will be good at keeping time.  You will be well organised.  You will be calm and able to manage stress well.  You will be tidy.

You will have successfully shared a house before and enjoyed the experience.  You will have some top tips for successful house sharing.

You will need to be up for having your photo taken and shared on Facebook because this helps Isaac to connect to his community.

During the week Isaac will need support from his housemates to get ready for the day in the morning and to have his dinner, relax and go to bed in the evenings. That will leave you free to work, study or relax during the day.

On the weekends Isaac would like someone to hang out with him, go out for some adventures and have the odd social gathering with friends.

You will share the role with one other housemate so you will have some mornings and evenings off each week as well as one day on the weekend.

You will also get 4 weeks paid annual leave and 2 weeks sick leave.

You will receive reduced rent.  The rent on Isaac’s house is normally $700 per week.  You and your other housemate will only need to pay $100 each.

As well as reduced rent, you will also have free internet.  You will need to share all other bills with Isaac and his other housemate.

Each house mate will receive an annual salary of $50,000 pro rata which includes superannuation and leave.  Plus additional benefits of free internet and reduced rent.

Plus of course, you’ll get to hang out with Isaac who is an awesome guy.

If you would like to become part of Isaac’s family of supporters please go to