Board Vacancies

We are on the hunt for people with great networks within the Canberra community to help us craft roles for Isaac so that he can live a fully included life.  

We are looking for board members who can offer about an hour a week to strategise, plan and network to help Isaac to achieve his goals.

Isaac has an excellent team of 5 paid supporters to help put our strategies and plans into action.

Board meetings run for 1.5 hours on a weekday evening every 6 weeks.

Membership fees are $10 per year which help contribute to running costs.

In 2017 Isaac’s goals will be:

To build his delivery business so that Isaac has 5 mornings a week paid work, our costs are covered and Isaac is receiving a small wage.

  • To be able to spend 5 days at a time in his own home
  • To develop his IT literacy skills
  • To develop his public speaking skills
  • To develop his communication and decision making skills
  • To strengthen existing friendships and form new ones
  • To develop Isaac’s interests in music and horses
  • To improve Isaac’s health and fitness

The goals of our microboard will be

  • To enable Isaac to achieve his goals
  • To become Isaac’s Plan Manager
  • To reduce the workload on Isaac’s family
  • To consolidate and document our business processes

So we are looking for people to join Isaac’s microboard who

  • Have values that align with ours
  • Are good advocates for the rights of people with a disabilities
  • Have skills and experience in Business development, Information Technology, Communications and Marketing.
  • Have wide and strong relationships with the Canberra business, horse riding, sporting or music community
  • A good understanding of governance principles
  • Financial literacy
  • Sound judgement and a commitment towards integrity and high ethical standards
  • Read more about the roles and responsibilities

Elections will occur at the AGM on November 10

See further details about our AGM

Is this you?  Interested?

Download, complete an send in your Expression of Interest by 1 November 2016 to