The Good Life Newsletter August 2014

Isaac is off to Melba Copland for Year 11 & 12

We heard recently that Isaac is going to Melba Copland for years 11 & 12. It’s so great that Isaac can go to his local school where he can meet local kids who might just live down the road. Having social networks is so important for getting a good life. They help find you opportunities for work, leisure, a place to live etc.

I know there are some very good teachers at Melba – Ben went there. I am looking forward to meeting them and working out with them what the next two years might look like for Isaac.

There is no special needs transport bus to take him to school next year so we are on the hunt for a year 12 student at Melba Copland that has a driver’s licence that wouldn’t mind picking up Isaac and taking him to school each morning. We can pay for some of the petrol J so if you know anyone that might like to do that for Isaac, let Sheree know.

Pizza Nights

Isaac’s Pizza nights are proving to be lots of fun. We made our own pizzas again at the last one which was fun. Isaac’s brother Ben made some weird and wonderful combinations.

The next one is Friday September 5 – hope to see you there.


Musical Connections

As you will all know, Isaac loves music. So I am looking places where the same people meet to listen to music on a regular basis. The goal of this is to give Isaac some fun listening to music but also to build some relationships with people who might then be interested in being in Isaacs life. They might like to help to find him some work in a place that involves music or be the person that picks him up and takes him to listen to music. It might be a choir rehearsal, someone’s back shed where a band rehearses, a regular orchestra performance, a café that has regular music gigs etc.

We took him to the Beyond Q Bookshop last weekend and he seemed to enjoy it. We had fun too. A fascinating place. I imagine going with a group of people plus Isaac would be fun so if any of you might like to take him there for an hour on a weekend every now and then let me know.

beyond q

We are off to WA for a Holiday and need a support person for Isaac

From February 28 to March 13 next year Isaac, David and Sheree are off to Western Australia – part of this will be Sheree and David’s honeymoon in Busselton. We are looking at spending some time with some other folks in Perth from Youniverse – who do some great work around building natural supports for people with disability and building inclusive lives.

We are hoping to find a support worker to join us for the trip. Here is our itinerary:

  • 28 February Arrive Perth
  • 3 nights accommodation in Perth – explore Perth.
  • 3 March arrive Mandurah & drop Isaac and carer at Mandurah holiday park – other families from WA to join Isaac and carer for 7 days of fun by the sea.
  • 5 March Sheree and David go to Busselton
  • 12 March Pick up Isaac from Mandurah – 1 night’s accommodation Perth
  • 13 March fly home.

We will pay airfares and accommodation in exchange for sharing the care of Isaac. You don’t need to be trained or work for an agency. We manage the risk by choosing a person that we and Isaac knows and trusts and who has experience in taking care of him – the same as anyone would do if they were taking someone else’s child on a holiday with them.

So if you are keen let Sheree know.

Isaac’s Birthday Coast Trip

We had a fantastic time at the coast for Isaac’s birthday. We played Putt Putt golf, ate fish and chips, went to Birdland where everyone including Isaac enjoyed patting some wombats and snakes.

mini golf

Need your mail collected or your cat fed?

Don’t forget that Isaac likes to help collect mail and feed cats when people are away on holidays, so if you would like to have him come over and do that for you let Sheree know.

Need your car washed?

We still have some car wash vouchers if you would like to take Isaac out for a car wash – he really enjoys going for a drive and you get to have a free car wash! 

Giving Back Housing Project

As you may know, our family and two other families are working together on an innovative housing project for our sons. Our boys will each have a home of their own in separate locations within a new suburb that is built around social sustainability principles – lots of shared spaces and pedestrianized areas, parks, cafes etc, that allow people to gather and meet regularly.

We meet with the ACT Government’s Innovative Housing Unit last week and met some great community members with good ideas about how we might finance and build the project. It will be a 5 year thing, but we are excited. We call it the Giving Back Housing Project because each of the boys will have a space in their house that they can invite community members to come and do an activity around a shared interest. Isaac will have a music space where he can invite people to come and listen to a band play. Another young man will have a tool shed and the third young man will have a games room. This way they can give back to the community and have lots of opportunities for forming connections with neighbours.

Upcoming Events


When: October 2

Time: 7:00pm – 9:00pm

Where: Isaac’s House – 14 Saville Close Melba ACT 2614

Who: Anyone in Isaac’s network interested in learning to use his PODD communication system in a fun and informal way. Speech Therapist Gail Bennell will be joining us via Skype to help us learn more about alternative communication

Isaac’s Pizza Nights

What: Share some pizza or a plate of food and watch a movie, play some games and just hang out. Isaac’s support worker will be there to support Isaac for the evening. David and Sheree will go out and enjoy some much needed together time.

Who: Isaac’s school friends, circle of support members and other friends.

Where: 14 Saville Close Melba

Time: 6 – 9 pm

When: First Friday of Every Month: July 4, August 1, September 5, October 3, November 7, December 5.

Lift? : Need a lift to and/or from Isaac’s house? Call Isaac’s Mum Sheree on 0407305739

Things we need help with

  • Finding a fellow Melba Copland college student with a driver’s licence that can take Isaac to school next year.
  • Finding a place where the same people gather regularly to enjoy music where Isaac could come along and enjoy it too with his friends and also make new friends.
  • People to go as a group to Beyond Q Bookshop for a coffee, a chill out to music and a wander amongst the maze of interesting second hand books and take Isaac too.
  • Send any videos or pictures you have of Isaac using his PODD to Sheree and I will share them on You Tube to help teach others how to model using his PODD.
  • We are looking for someone to join us for a trip to WA to share Isaac’s care.