We are a microboard – an incorporated association that works with the Canberra community to build a good life for Isaac, a young man with an intellectual disability.  Read more about microboards.

Our Mission

To tap into our networks to build and safeguard a good and ordinary life where Isaac has choice and control and truly belongs in his community and to share what we have learned with others.

Operating principles and values

As Members of Isaac’s Band of Brothers and Sisters Inc, we will:

  • establish and maintain a personal relationship with Isaac.
  • model communicating with his PODD so that he may learn to be an autonomous communicator
  • acknowledge that all people have the capacity for self determination.
  • assist Isaac to make decisions and his wants and needs known
  • demonstrate regard for Isaac’s safety, comfort, and dignity, with consistent respect for his needs, wishes, interests, and strengths when planning and making decisions
  • act as sponsors to the community, ensuring Isaac participates in community activities with members of Isaac’s Band of Brothers and Sisters Inc (e.g. family functions, social events).
  • ensure Isaac has the opportunity to both receive from and give to his/her community, as well as with other individuals in his network.
  • conduct our business in the spirit of mutual respect, cooperation, and collaboration.
  • have collective and emergent ways of working. We listen, learn, consult and think before responding.
  • ensure that everyone’s voice is heard
  • not limit our own or others’ beliefs because we minimise the risk of doing harm when we have high expectations.
  • assume the best of people, and presume competence in all people.
  • value all people